Going through my last camera card dump into my media library here I noticed lots of photos of drinks from the past two weeks or so. Let’s discuss these drinks.

No one I know has drank this, but the other weekend at the Tobacco Merchant a friend showed us this drink because of the funny name. It’s also allegedly one of the better for you energy drinks, that is, better if you’re inclined to drink an energy drink. It’s not better for you than water. This article in the Free Times describes it better than I feel like I care to. Also, I hope Manda doesn’t mind this photo of her on here. I have seen more bizarre ones featuring her though sooooooo, I am going to put it up anyways!!

When I travel to cities that have grocery stores we don’t (yet! yet! yet!) have in the Midlands, I like to go balls-out exotic and try lots of new products there. Inevitably all of the hardcore yuppie shopping makes me thirsty and there’s nothing better than trying crazy new drinks straight from the refrigerated section! Case in point- this ALO drink which has an amusing name, but not as much as the drink above. EXPOSED.

It tasted refreshing, delicious, and the texture from the aloe chunks floating within add a depth and dimension not found in most drinks. That reminds me, I need to Google and see if regular household aloe plants are edible. Yes, yes it is. Awesome, I have some big fat aloe leaves I got from Emily’s house last night. I sense that they might end up in a smoothie soon!

And finally, probably the best in this random list of drinks- beer. Westbrook Brewing Co.‘s White Thai. It tastes good with Thai food (seriously, it does). It tastes good with nothing, it tastes good all the time, except whenever something is wrong with the kegs. The waitress at World of Beer told me Friday that there was a production problem and there wouldn’t be any WT at WOB for a while. NOOOO!

Actually, that can means good things for my wallet because this six-pack cost $10.99 at Green’s or Morganelli’s. That equals $1..83 a beer, which is much a much better deal than handing over five plus dollars for the pleasure of sipping them on the patio of WOB. This will not stop me from going to WOB though, I assure you).

And that concludes today’s ramblings about drinks. Now how about you tell me about a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) that I should try, with the caveat that I won’t drink energy drinks.