Meal planning is back, again! This week’s plan was kind of tough because my mind wasn’t really into logistics today. However, I came up with what I could based on the remaining CSA veggie overload +an impending CSA basket (again!) on Wednesday. This week’s meal plan hopefully will get me my 4-5 servings per day!

Credit where credit is due: The veggie lasagne is inspired by Caitlin. Curried red lentil burgers are from this Moosewood book on page 151. The penne alla vodka recipe is from Lacey’s recipe stash. I’ve made this penne alla vodka a few times and YUM. Yes sir.

Gratuitous new puppy picture. We’re thinking about naming her Cherry Pie, a la the Warrant song (Oh man that video is sooo 80s it makes me cringe!).