Despite not posting a meal plan last week, we ate pretty well around here, though I didn’t get around to cooking a lot of what was on my plan. That just means it gets recycled into this week’s plan, so really by not posting last week’s plan, not much was missed. Or that’s how I’ll justify it anyway!

A lot of these are Blake household tried and true favorites that have already been posted here before. The credit where credit is due is mostly back to me so I won’t bother except to link to my recipes page.

Some of last’s weeks eats were grilled vegetables over brown rice,

Farmhouse veggie burgers with sauteed squash and onions on the side,

and penne with Mornay sauce and vegetables.

Aaand with that, it feels like time to get ready to watch Desperate Housewives (last episode before the FINALE!) and get ready for the week ahead, which includes having to turn 27. Oh, 27.