This is most likely little interest to anyone but the inhabitants of this household, but WE GOT RECESSED LIGHTS IN THE KITCHEN!



Isn’t that amazing?! It only took less than two hours to put in four recessed lights, and I am in love with them. The only downside to these things is that they work so well that you can now see how ugly and filthy the kitchen can get. Once the lights were in and the electrician was gone, out came the cleaning agents, sponges, and dusting cloth. The photo above wasn’t as far as I got, but it frankly still looks just as ugly, though it is much cleaner.

It’ll definitely take the quality of the food photos around here up just as much if not moreso than having a cool new prime lens.

Blah light:

Great light:

That’s all I had to share for now, work’s been crazy lately and getting to bed by 10 p.m. has been high priority!

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