I know, this post sounds like it’s going to be Excitementville from the post title.

The other weekend there was a guy playing violin at the entrance to Earth Fare. It was gorgeous and you could hear it in nearly all corners of the store. I’m not sure if this is considered busking since it’s done inside the store and not on the street/sidewalk, but if this is what busking can be, I really hope Columbia passes the ordinance to allow it in the city. One of my favorite parts of visiting downtown Charleston is the saxophone player that usually (or used to) plays at Market and Meeting Streets. But this guy and his sweet violin playing is a close second.

While browsing the frozen treats at Publix, I saw these. It was right hot that day, so I got them for the dogs, mostly because the plan was to wash their dirty selves later so these seemed like a nice treat. I am pretty curious about the Braille label. For one, who thinks to check all six sides of a box in hopes of some Braille? And second, why would a blind person be buying their own groceries?

Radar loved hers. It was actually not that easy to get a good shot of her enjoying it because she was scooting the bowl all around the kitchen trying to get at it!

This isn’t grocery store related, but it IS food. I went to Saki Tumi Grill and Sushi Bar the other week with friends during Artista Vista and we ended up missing all of the artistic aspects of the night because we were in Saki Tumi for about two hours for some reason. I got edamame (unpictured) and the vegetable roll. It’s delicious and very artfully rolled, but Saki Tumi doesn’t really have a huge variety of vegetarian fare, which is why I don’t go very often. But when I do go, it’s all good because they offer a 20% discount on non-specials to members of Stronghold Gym who have their scan card on them!

This is my CSA share for the week from Pinckney’s Produce.There’s even more leafiness off to the left in the photo too. And a head of broccoli that didn’t make it into the shot. What am I going to do with all of that lettuce? There aren’t enough salads that one can endure in a single week!

I know I haven’t been posting frequently at all, but I promise I have good reasons, and good intentions to come back fuller force next week or the one after, with all sorts of stuff going on.