Let’s just jump in- I finally got a new job!

I’ve been looking for a new gig since fall-ish last year and continued to half-heartedly look through my grandfather’s illness even though I knew it wouldn’t at all be a good idea to jump into another job at the time. Since October-ish I would estimate that I’ve been on about 10-15 job interviews and one finally panned out, and at the place I’d been trying to get hired at since I graduated- my own alma mater!

That’s right, I’ll be on campus again and I have grand dreams of walking to and from my office everyday (from the far away parking lot, not from my house!!) and losing 10 lbs. pretty quickly, the same way I gained them after I graduated and got a desk job. I’m both nervous and excited about this new opportunity and can’t wait to embark on it. And I’ll admit, I also can’t wait to feel settled into it because it’s always nerve wracking the first few months of a job when you don’t know the rituals and mores of the particular office. But I do think I’ll be much happier and settle into a more relaxed and content lifestyle there.

Now that I can cross job hunting off of my daily to-do list I feel like there’ll be more time for some much needed living and of course, a return to more regular blogging.

Speaking of blogging, the Columbia Food Blogger Meetup is THIS Saturday, June 2nd! I have goodie bags full of great local products from our wonderful sponsors for the first 20 people to order tickets through the Eventbrite website! See you this weekend, right?