I showed you all my new library on Sunday, and because I could not find the dimensions for this corner arrangement online for anything so I feel obligated to give them here for all future wanters of this Billy corner bookcase setup.

The finished product. Oooh…

Building this wasn’t too terribly hard. This is three white BILLY bookcases from Ikea, two narrow and one small, with corner hardware, and the BILLY all-glass doors which will hopefully keep the dust to a minimum. Here’s a step by step along the way, because I took the photos and well, why not?

After the first one it went much quicker because they are all the same.

You can see that because there were no good measurements online and I went for it anyway that there is about two inches of the bookcase protruding into the doorway of the room. It’s a wide passage so it doesn’t concern me too much.

And this is where I called it a night and left it doorless because the door hanging required me to call in Patrick for his technical assistance.

Then comes the fun part, loading the shelves full! You can probably tell between this photo and the one at the top that I did some more rearranging of the stuff on the shelves. There’ll be plenty more of that to come, trust me!

If I decide that the overhang isn’t going to cut it I have two contingency plans. One is to drag the entire setup to the opposite corner of the room, but I’d rather not. The second is to take off the right-most shelf and move it to the left of the wide shelf, then go back to Ikea and get this very narrow BENNO bookshelf for the right. It can hold DVDs and video games and the like, and it matches. And that’s how this room is evolving and I totally love it.

If you can excuse my hasty Photoshop, the measurements for the corner configuration are (roughly) :

And what this is for is two narrow Billy bookcases (one caddy cornered and one to the right of the corner) with a regular wider width Billy to the left of the caddy cornered one. My reason for needing measurements laid out like this is that I only had 32″ of available space on the purple wall before a wide doorway started (should have included that in the Photoshop!). Because the measurements weren’t available like this online that I could tell I ended up with about two inches of bookcases spilling into the doorway.

And that’s probably one of the very few rare times you’ll see me trying to do MATH. And in public too! If I was closer to high school years I might even be able to tell you what type of triangle that is. Maybe isosceles? You know, who cares, clearly I am more about the words than the numbers!

PS- if these numbers are horribly wrong or impossible please tell me. I accept all criticism of my math with open arms. Seriously.