May is a very brunch friendly month in Columbia (or I think so at least)!

You’ve probably got one of the following circumstances applying, if not more:

  • Parents in town for graduation/you’re in town for someone’s graduation for the weekend
  • A need to take your mom somewhere for Mother’s Day
  • A birthday
  • An anniversary
  • A good reason to take your bike for a leisurely spin to your favorite brunch joint down the street before the heat of the afternoon is overwhelming

So you’ve got your reasons. Now where are the best brunch spots in town?

  • 116 State Street– has an amazing selection of eclectic flavors combined that you never knew you wanted until you saw it on the Specials board. I went last weekend and was having The. Hardest. Time. picking between three different dishes!
  • Cafe Strudel– right next to 116 State, boasts a lovely outdoor area in the back and the best hashbrowns ever.
  • The Original Brunches– in West Columbia. Great diner style brunch food, and incredibly inexpensive. I can get full for less than five bucks.
  • Rosewood Market– the tempeh bacon is amazing, let’s just get that out there. Their stratas are creative and superb, and just try everything. Just do it.
  • Thirsty Fellow– not one of my personal top picks for brunch when I want breakfast-y foods, but their pizzas are stand-out delicious for any meal. My friend Jennika loves their salmon and eggs Benedict breakfast so that goes to show that what one loves may not be what another loves. Be a little wary of slowness when there’s a Sunday USC Baseball game going on (luckily there is NOT one this Mother’s Day!).

Last year’s birthday brunch at 116 State!

Where do you love to brunch in Columbia?