This week’s meal plan and shopping was done on Friday because we were in the mountains all weekend! Because I had Friday off I also got some of the cooking done ahead of time- who wants to cook after a 3+ hour trip back from the an amazing trip and inching towards the reality of another workweek?

This meal planning was 75% done in the parking lot of the grocery store because I realized I didn’t have enough time or really any need to go home and see what was in the fridge/pantry and then all the way back to the store. So while this is the product of what I could think of off the cuff, it still feels balanced yet varied enough to be interesting, a mix of easier things to make with some slightly more involved recipes.

Credit where credit is due: Farmhouse’s famous veggie burgers, ginger garlic broccoli & tofu, tabbouleh is from Food Network, pizza using Works Every Time Crust.

And while we are on the subject of meal plans and why I didn’t make one last week (lazy/didn’t feel like buying groceries/waiting for CSA box contents), how about some action shows of what I made the same night that I got my hands on the green Pinckney’s box?

Cauliflower Before:

Cauliflower After:

So good. So good. I actually fell into a very deep sleep right after eating the cauliflower, is this something that is a side effect of this vegetable? Seriously, is it?

Are you part of a CSA?