My imagination, mind, and body are all on serious vacation this weekend, especially today. Maybe I’m just taking a cue from everything else that’s closed on Easter? The weekly meal plan may seem a little short, but keep in mind that a few things will last for several lunches and dinners, plus there will probably be a few renditions of “Hey, let’s throw these things together and eat them!” happening.

Credit where credit is due: I am finally going to try and recreate the French lentil salad I had at FarMaCia back in August. Everything else is pretty recipe-less. Dessert will be two pints of Talenti gelato I impulse bought Friday night after walking the entire River walk with Kara. Double chocolate and roman raspberry. Yesss.

(Photo source: Talenti)

Speaking of delicious gelato, did you hear that Peace Love and Rocky Roast will be re-opening soon, but in the glorious ‘burb of Cayce? YESSS. I can’t wait, though I will miss the busy view of Gervais St. from the front window. That was my favorite out-of-the-house blogging spot. This location will be much closer though, something I always welcome!