NOT April Fool’s… I really did have to pour Busch Light into my French Onion Soup the last time I made it because of a complete and total lack of appropriate white wine in the house! It still tasted just fine! We did have other, better beers in the house but I went for the least flavored one available. Busch Light… don’t blame me for it being on my house, blame this guy.

Here’s to an incredibly small grocery list for the week! I only need to pick up ramen noodles, yogurt, Silk creamer, waffle syrup, and Laughing Cow cheese (last two at the Patrick’s request). MONEY SAVER! Oh wait, I did spend like $20 on beers from the store yesterday… so I guess it’ll just balance out.

Credit where credit is due: vegetarian pho (yes, again!), clear the cheese drawer mac & cheese.

The rest are recipes from my mind, and will one day appear on here. One problem I have is taking the time to translate recipes from my head into user-friendly ones, then making and photographing them while the light is good outside since my kitchen lighting sucks.

I don’t have too much else to say lately, life has been plugging along. I can’t believe it’s already the fourth month of 2012. I’m in gear for some life changes but I have to just wait until time passes and they come to fruition. Here’s some excitement- I am doing the social media and PR for Sun Spirit Yoga & Wellness Center in West Columbia! Please come by for a class, for yoga or spiritual supplies, or both! If you’d like more information or a free pass for your first class, drop me an email!

Also, you’ve only got until midnight on April 3rd to enter my Edward & Sons bouillon cube giveaway! Just leave a comment and you’re entered!