It’s time for the first Columbia Food Blogger Meetup!

Ever wondered who else is in the vicinity, talking about the same foods and places as you? Are you friends sick of your refusal to eat at the same place twice? Have you felt weird and alone pulling out the camera to photograph your plate at a restaurant? Imagine the ease of being around fives or tens of people who do the same exact thing. It’s refreshing. It’s validating. It’s the joy of socializing with other food bloggers. Won’t you join us for that same warm and fuzzy feeling deep in your soul?

Why a food blogger meetup? Other than the fuzzy feeling, I’m hoping to start a little community and make some new friends, especially to go out to eat and to food events with, and want to foster that amongst others too! Plus it’s just plain fun.

Right now the plan is to have this at Hunter-Gatherer Brewery & Alehouse. They do not take reservations, but since we’ll be there before the dinner crowd it shouldn’t be an issue but I’ll update if it changes! I’ll have balloons in our area to avoid any awkward “Oh… where are these random Internet people I am supposed to meet..?” and furtive glances around the place. Please plan to stay a little while and enjoy some drinks and some of H-G’s fine and creative fare! The event will be pay-your-own-way, so eat and drink as you please! I’ll be the first one with a beer in hand, believe you me.

Please register here so I can have an approximate number to know how many seats to reserve. If you know any local food bloggers who may not know about this event yet, please share!