Last night was stormy and scary here in Cola-town so I stayed in from the elements and pored over the Bi-Lo circulars, my cookbooks, and recently starred recipes in my Google Reader which makes me the person who had the most fun in the whole city on a Saturday night for sure! That means my creative juices had plenty of time to flow and I had plenty of time to make a bangin’ meal plan that utilizes ingredients already in the pantry and the best of the produce on sale this week. I’m really excited to get to both cooking and eating all of this.

I can’t wait for my CSA share from Pickney’s Produce to begin April 18th! The vegetable variety and intake around here is going to skyrocket!

Credit where credit is due: Vegetarian pho will be based on this recipe from The Kitchn, cabbage rolls are from the knife skills class I took at USC (will post recipe soon!), the chocolate chia pudding is from Oh She Glows (I never made it last week). Everything else is thrown together from random thoughts floating around in my head.

Alsoooo, I got inspired by Lacey’s recap of Blog Better Boston and thought, you know where are my Columbia food bloggers at? So I decided to get on Twitter and put out feelers of interest and start organizing Columbia’s first food blogger meetup! If you’re in the metropolitan Columbia are or are willing to travel in, tweet or email me to get kept in the loop! Let others know! I’ll put out tentative dates and places next, let me know if you have a suggestion!

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