All we’re eating this week is burritos. Healthy burritos, at that! These are wrapped in a high fiber LaTortilla Factory tortilla and stuffed with TJ’s soyrizo, brown rice, corn, spinach, taco sauce, Patrick’s special queso sauce, banana peppers and jalapeno peppers. I actually sat at work Monday morning and daydreamed about them for a few minutes. Then I sent Patrick a Facebook message begging him to make the queso sauce. I was thinking about begging him to type out his recipe/methods for me but I don’t know if I want to know the secrets. Do you?

Monday’s dinner burrito:

Tuesday’s dinner burrito:

Unpictured are the burritos from Tuesday’s lunch and whatever day it was that this burrito obsession started. Was it Friday or Saturday? Oh well, here’s this week’s meal plan. I’d say just replace half the meals with burritos, but realistically it’s only Tuesday and there’s still time to get sick of them enjoy other things later. I did actually already make the casserole and the layered salad and the casserole was REALLY good, the layered salad only okay because I omitted apple juice due to not having any. Unfortunately it’s kind of a key ingredient in the dressing.

Credit where credit is due: Whole foods inspired salad and chocolate chia pudding from Oh She Glows, casserole from Sprinkle Massacre, the rest are my own amalgamations.

If you’re reading this on Wednesday or Thursday I am trapped in an Introduction to Excel class! I have never taken on-site adult ed classes so I have no idea what to expect or how basic it’s going to be, but at least there will new new lunch experiences on one of the other sides of town! And also, this someecard is perfectly applicable, excusing the fact that I hate basketball/March Madness.