Wow it is WINDY out there today, and a perfect day to stay inside and cook! After a birthday brunch this morning, a trip to Sam’s Club since we were on that side town, and a trip to the grocery store, I am definitely down for staying inside all day.

This week’s meal plan is brought to you by: a gift of a sack of spinach, my testing out Irish recipes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and also Patrick’s birthday, hence the pineapple enchiladas, something I know he likes and I haven’t made in a while! I can’t decide if I want to make him wear a party hat to eat them. Probably shouldn’t, since it would make it a much less happy birfday for him.

Credit where credit is due: Cheesy tex-mex rice, Vegetarian Guinness stew, butternut squash mac & cheez (though mine is de-veganized with regular butter and milk!), Hasselbeck potatoes.

This weekend was fun. Friday was dinner and beers night at the Flying Saucer. Saturday was a rare day of nothing to do other than a hair appointment (look, look at my pretty hair below! I hadn’t gotten it cut since before Halloween), so I got my hair did then came home and made a green monster smoothie then went to an incredibly relaxing yoga class at Sun Spirit Yoga Wellness. After that I went to hang out with my friend on the lake, drinking beers and having a cigar on the dock. All in all, a right relaxing day of only things I wanted to do that I really appreciate the change to enjoy when they come along.

Tonight I am looking forward to Desperate Housewives, a glass of milk, and a caramel delite or two!