Nearly every Thursday night I get together with friends for dinner. It started out one summer as an excuse to grill out and watch True Blood. Then after True Blood ended for the season, we kept it up, making various dinners at my house and watching a movie or Googling random Youtube videos, or going out to eat and possibly for drinks too. Since we still have a few months till TB starts back up and we started running out of ways to entertain ourselves and dinners to make that would accommodate a vegetarian, a sorta-vegetarian, and someone with a few random allergies.

This past Thursday we came up with the idea of a theme food and movie night. Not totally original of course, but it’ll hopefully get our creative juices flowing, along with getting me exposed to some new movies (I am a terrible movie watcher and am often on the receiving end of the phrase, “Oh my God you’ve never seen (insert classic movie everyone else in the world has seen)?!?!”

To kick off our new adventure we made an Asian vegetable stir fry with rice and watched Memoirs of a Geisha. Not quiiite the same considering the food was Chinese-ish and the movie is Japanese based, but it was still delicious! I wanted to start a list of movie/dinner combinations for future reference and to see what others ya’ll had to share!

  1. The Help – mashed potatoes/biscuits/fried chicken or Gardein chick’n fingers/watermelon
  2. Lady and the Tramp – spaghetti
  3. ?? See, I am so bad at movie watching I ran out of ideas already!