If you remember from my previous post, I was at an Excel class at the Harbison campus of Midlands Tech. I should have been more excited to learn about spreadsheets, but I was mostly excited to be opened up to a lot of new lunch spots in the Irmo area. My first choice was Sun Ming over on St. Andrews Road, near where it intersects with Lake Murray Boulevard. You can’t miss it with these large, distinctly Chinese animals guarding the door.

Once a very long time ago I went on a first date to Sun Ming. Then the guy turned out to be awful in the long run, but I didn’t remember a thing about the food. Still, I knew this place was good from other reviews online, and drove the less than a mile from MTC, with visions of amazing food dancing through my head.

Located on the back of the menu, the lunch specials are numerous and generous. There are 31 lunch choices which doesn’t even include beef/chicken/shrimp/tofu combinations. I went with #12, General Tsao Tofu, an adventurous choice being that I’d never had General Tsao anything and wasn’t sure what it would taste like but you hear people order things so much and you want to try them, so Tsao it was. It came with an egg roll and egg fried rice. Warning: The egg roll contains meat. The menu didn’t indicate if it did or not, so after taking a bite and seeing meaty looking bits I asked the waiter who just said, “Yes.”

While waiting for the main dish to come out I played with my phone and the ceiling which is curiously mirrored over the main dining area. This was taken with Instagram and the flip-around feature so my phone screen was facing upwards and tilted slightly. Makes you wonder if and how the staff there uses it to keep an eye on their tables!

Not a moment too soon, the General came for lunch. The sauce was thick and sweet-ish, like ketchup or barbecque sauce, I guess. It’s hard to describe! The rice was a very welcome complement to cut the sweet tang of the tofu’s sauce. The partially sauced broccoli also helped. I liked this dish but I don’t know if I’d order it again if there were other choices, which there are plenty.

Sun Ming has is known locally for their menu section that consists of traditional Chinese meals, divided into the usual sections: beef, poultry, seafood, noodles, vegetables. Vegetable (and assumedly vegetarian friendly) dishes that jump out at me to try next time include Stir-fried snow pea sprout, home-style tofu, and tofu vegetables and vermicelli in clay pot.

The best part about the lunch special was the price. All of that food was less than seven dollars! It made this fortune seem true. Here’s hoping it is, anyways!