Biscuits are a Southern breakfast staple, and to be perfectly fair, I rarely ever think about biscuits. I ain’t much of a bread eater to begin with, but something lately made me want to whip up a batch of fresh made biscuits and sausage gravy, something I have never eaten in my entire life. I grabbed a roll of this Gimme Lean meatless sausage from the grocery store and decided to get down to business with it (wait… no.).

I began with the biscuits, since the gravy wouldn’t take any time at all to come together. I could have gone the Bisquick route, but I said “To hell with that! I will not go the Paula Deen half ass route, I am real Southern woman who can turn flour, butter and some other stuff into a meal!”

I followed Alton Brown’s biscuit recipe, all hail Alton Brown, and they turned out perfectly. I will note that the humidity in my house was hovering around 60%, plus it was rainy out, so I had to add at least another 1/2 cup of flour to the recipe to get the dough from a sticky mess to something that could be rolled out properly. If you’re on the East Coast, take note of flour additions that may need to be made due to humidity. It should not look like this. If so, add flour.

Now this is better. Roll that dough out and use your Brew at the Zoo commemorative glass from a few years ago to cut out your biscuits (or some other 2 ish inch glass).

Ooh, yes just like this.


Now you’d think I would also include the sausage gravy recipe that I mentioned up there, but I am not going to because frankly, I did not like it. I may work on it later and see if it’s share-worthy but I don’t believe it was. However… Patrick finished off the entire pan of the faux-sausage gravy and has been asking for more. So at least someone liked it, but I just couldn’t in good faith share something I myself didn’t even want to finish eating. The biscuits though, are worth it, like every other Alton Brown recipe I’ve come across.

One note about the faux meat I used, let me say that I made a pizza the next night with the Gimme Lean! ground faux-sausage and didn’t like it in that application either. I do not recommend this product at all. I was thinking of trying the gravy with Morningstar sausage patties crumbled up or Trader Joe’s soyrizo next time I get my hands on some!