Sunday was pretty freakin’ hot for being March 18th and all. But I’m sure you’re aware if you’re in South Carolina, and especially if you were in Five Points for St. Pat’s on Saturday! It was so hot that Kara and I ventured down drank one non-green beer and booked it. But back to Sunday. I made it chore day and rewarded myself with a pedicure at Creative Nails in Lexington. I love this salon because you can smell the scent of the cigar shop next door wafting in through the HVAC system. Yum. I got a punchy purple pedicure and headed down into Lexington to go to Kohl’s and to Publix for the week’s small grocery pickup.

Once I got home and unloaded the groceries, I was toasty warm from such exertion and decided to scurry up to the brand new Paradise Ice on Main Street before it closed at 5 p.m. I knew it was near the Tapp’s Building but I didn’t see it on my first pass down Main so I ended up parking on the other side of Blanding and walking til I found it, nestled in that strange strip between the wig shops and the Army-Navy store.

Paradise Ice has a really cute facade that I think will set a great tone for other storefronts around it to aspire towards. The inside is painted with bright, happy colors and it’s a large, clean space that’ll be perfect for accommodating the long lines that I can see forming there when it’s hot as hell here and the Nick opens in its new location in August*, bringing more people to that area. I can also see businessmen in their suits during the heat of the day in summertime getting their fix of sweet, flavored ice and cool custards.

There weren’t tons of flavors but I was having a hard time choosing because you can mix the shaved ice with the custard (ice cream) to make tons of combinations! I was drawn to the sweet tea ice though, and there just wasn’t a custard flavor I could imagine mixing with it, so I got straight sweet tea shaved ice. It was perfectly sweet tea flavored, and not so syrupy sweet like some shaved ices can be. This was more like your favorite lightly lemon-ed sweet tea frozen and shaved into a fluffy ice that could be easily shoveled in your mouth in an effort to just cool down a little.

The owners were telling me that chocolate and mango is a popular ice/custard combo, but I think next time I go back I’ll try for chocolate and black cherry, or chocolate and pomegranate/blueberry. Mmmm. Can I go back multiple days in a row?!

I took my giant cup of ice and decided to take a leisurely stroll down Main, since the parking was free and there wasn’t hardly anyone else roaming about. Have you ever wondered how they watered all of those hanging baskets lining Main Street and making it look so festive? I saw the secret, a golf cart with a huge water tank that has a hose with an extender so that the person watering barely has to reach!

*Speaking of the Nick, here’s what they’ve got of their facade ready! It looks like it’s going to be really cool! I’ve only been to one movie at the current Nick Theatre, and I try to remember to incorporate it into my life as a fun thing to do. Have you ever been to the Nick? If not, the Indie Grits festival is coming up soon, and word on the street is it’s one of the most fascinating cultural events in Columbia!

Once I got to Main and Gervais I did a 180 and went right back where I came from, but this time taking a moment to stop in Mast General Store since I was finally finished with my treat. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to see there, but I did some some really cute tops that I wanted to buy but not have to try on, or pay for. Not just yet, I’m still trying to save money and clothes shopping is like chip eating- I can’t just do it a little. What did get my hard earned dollars was a bag of candy for my noodle, because he just loves having a candy bucket in his office, and I don’t think it has been filled in a while.

Unexpected candy makes a happy noodle!

So that was my Sunday funday. Pedicure, groceries, a little local cool off and stroll, then cooking dinner at home with a friend. Can’t get any better than that!