This past week has been kind of weird. I’ve been doing some things, and taking some photos. I have lost a bit of my joie de vivre for reasons, but I have been taking some photos along the way, and generally trying to regain my footing and trying to decide where I want to go in life.

Patrick made some nachos, along with his very own nacho cheese recipe. I’m not the only chef around these parts. Let it be known that the cheese recipe was delicious, maybe he’ll divulge the recipe when it’s “right”. He even set some aside sans ground turkey for me to enjoy!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we got a huge chunk of Irish cheddar from Sam’s Club last Sunday. Exciting, right?

Radar and Woody decided to pile on me and be cuuuute. Maybe I should get on the floor with them more often.

On a whim Saturday (fine, and with the prompt of free tickets) I went to the Columbia Home & Garden Show with my mom and other assorted family members. It was fun until it wasn’t. By that, I mean that they got caught up at the Verizon booth and it took forever. I did get to have a little fun and save them money by harassing the sales guy. Knowledge is power, ya’ll. Don’t just let the phone salesmen hand you whatever and then just buy it. Anyways, hand chair. This lovely piece was only $125! I really wish I could tell you the name of the company, and I will once I get it from my aunt, who wants to get a Gamecock bench from them. I seriously want one of these hands. One of the men working the booth said they custom made one for somebody that had three of the fingers curled under, you know what I mean. Ha ha ha.

I saw this super awesome refrigerated wine drawer that I feel would be much better served as a beer drawer! I wonder how many people in Columbia decide to buy these fancy wine coolers after seeing them here. Did you buy one? Would you?

Reese’s Plants out of Blythewood had a huge and impressive spread of flowers and trees which makes me wants to go drop hundreds of dollars at the local plant nursery to landscape my yard.

Saturday I did buy one thing: this super awesome hat from Tri-City Pickers on 12th Street in West Columbia! Isn’t it cool? I was poking around for hats to wear to a Carolina Cup party at the end of the month (aka: not going to Camden, but staying in Columbia and eating hors d’oeuvres, playing drinking games, and watching a horse movie while wearing ridiculous hats and much less fancy dresses). I didn’t see what I wanted out on the floor so when one of owners, Yvonne, asked me if I needed help, I asked if she had any other crazy hats. And this was my pick! I am going to dress it up with ribbons and feathers, plus the brim needs a little shaping too. Overall, I am the pleased.