Today was the second of my 13 potential compressed workweek days. I spent it dodging tornadoes and getting my car tuned up two weeks ago so today was about getting out of town and having fun, so I took it on up 77 north to Charlotte. The agenda included:

  1. Ikea to plan out how much a future kitchen would cost
  2. Lunch with Kelly at Luna’s Living Kitchen
  3. Trader Joe’s stock up

I made it almost to Chester before I needed to stop for a bathroom break and felt guilty for using the facilities with no intention of buying something, so I ended up getting a SoBe green tea. Just me or do you pee and run? This thing had a ton of sugar in it, which I didn’t realize until it was too late.

Ikea was hit and miss. I pretty much zoomed through straight to the kitchen area and didn’t get a lot of help from the women there, honestly. I could have done the same thing at home with their online kitchen planner. However, I did get a good ballpark figure to for saving towards a range hood + all cabinets and other digidoos we’d need. How long will it take me to save $4,000? Or would Patrick let me Frankenstein the kitchen? We could get the upper cabinets done first, then… the rest later. Then the floor, later. Then others parts. Ooh. I hope he reads this and thinks its a good idea.

One thing I did see was this cool corner bookshelf concept. I totally want to implement it in the living room over the summer. I’ve always wanted a little library room with big comfy chairs, and lamps and books upon books upon books. This is totally happening.

While I was getting lost on the way to Luna’s Living Kitchen to meet up with Kelly, I saw this Element! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before, but Patrick and I call each other “noodle.” That’s really the only reason this car has any significance!

I was a bad food blogger because I didn’t take any pictures at lunch! Kelly was fantastic (we had technically met before at HLS) and we talked about kitchen renovations, things to do in Charlotte, and food …of course! I had the Fire & Brimstone veggie burger which was not as hot as you may think. The hot sauce was very well made, and that’s saying something considering I am not a spicy foods person at all. Would eat there again, and I was introduced to a whole new area of Charlotte that I didn’t know about before!

After lunch I wanted to go to the library to attend to something that I needed to print out and fax, but the Charlotte-Mecklenburg main library was closed Mondays! Probably just as well though, so I walked around downtown for a bit. I didn’t stray too far because a) I didn’t know where to aim for, and b) I was afraid of forgetting where I parked! I did see the Bank of America building which as a former employee was kind of neat.

Once I made my way back to the parking garage, then to the correct level, I headed out to Trader Jooooe’s! I was asked to get this by three people, not including myself, so I loaded down the cart. I believe the grand total was 12 packages of it, not to mention a few singles of uncharted beer territory, one Three Buck Chuck Pinot Grigo, papardelle pasta, hummus quartet, green tea mochi, and plenty of other deliciousness that totaled up to $70. Obviously this was my grocery shopping for the week and beyond. By the way, if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you should because all of my Instagram photos appear there first, and I’m not saying I’m the best Instagrammer ever, but I think I take some amusing photos from time to time!

Once I got home I started cooking. Finally, I had Guinness to make this stew I’ve been planning on getting around to since the beginning of March. And since it’s DST and still light out at 7 p.m. I made the most of it and did a photo shoot outside so the photos would not suck. I also wanted to prominently feature Patrick’s big accomplishment these days- that lush green grass! Recipe coming soon, I promise. Tomorrow, even so you can make it for Saturday!