Alt title: You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes… you get what you neeeeed

The yogic gods answered my prayers this year when I asked for a yoga studio that was a) close to my house, b) had a good schedule and prices , and c) was a warm, welcoming place to practice. The answer was Sun Spirit Yoga Wellness Center, which is housed in the building where Conscious Creations was (or seemed to be) for so long on Meeting Street.

I’ve only been a handful of times, but last week I noticed that suddenly, the after 5 p.m. weekday classes were no longer on their online schedule. I sent an email and within the week there were two new all level yoga classes added, one on Monday evening and one on Friday evenings! I’d always wanted a Friday evening yoga class to wind down from the workweek! After taking a class Saturday I was speaking with the instructor, Tzima, who was telling me that they’d added those classes because of ME! My request turned into reality, and because of their kind gesture on my behalf, I want to reciprocate and spread the word about the studio and especially about these after work-hours classes!

The basic yoga class that is led by Tzima is a great one for yoga newbies, yoga beginners, and even the seasoned yogi or yogini that would like to take a relaxing class to loosen the muscles and calm the mind. One cool thing that they do that no other studio I’ve been to has done is the use of essential oils. Saturday we each got a small dab of amber oil on our wrists to encourage strength and courage. That scent stayed with me all day and each time it wafted up to my nose it reminded me of the centeredness I felt during the class.

Please, check out their schedule and take a class! The first one is FREE, and tell them April Blake sentcha. I like this studio and want to make sure they stay open for years to come because I am selfish and like having everything I want within no more than three miles of my home. Sun Spirit also has a boutique with yoga mats, essential oils, teas, and other things to aid you in your yoga practice. The parking lot and entrance to the studio is in the back of the building. Namaste!