Sometime in the semi-recent past (I’m going to say within six months), Hunter Gatherer, or HG as it’s known in Cola, slashed their lunch hours to Fridays only. This caused some level of disgruntledness around the university and State House workers, but it seems like people have adjusted to cramming themselves in there on Fridays to take advantage. On my most recent compressed workweek day off, Friday, I was going to go to HG for lunch around noon but instead just went home because I couldn’t find parking and wasn’t exactly hungry just yet anyway.

I came home and messed around for a while and got on Twitter and saw someone tweet-raving about HG’s veggie burger lunch special. Say wha? I leashed up Woody dog who was mopey and whining because Radar was at the groomer’s getting a buzz cut. We hopped in the car and drove over to HG to take advantage of one of the sidewalk tables and luckily there was one left!

Poor Woody was thirsty because he’s black and the sun was beating down on us, and it took a little while for a server to come out to the table, but once he did I ordered two waters and he was kind enough to bring a tupperware dish for Woody to drink from! I was just going to make the dog drink out of the glass like a civilized human being, but the thought was very nice.

Woody and I enjoyed the cool relief of our waters and waited to order the glorious veggie burger and just enjoyed watching the people. I haven’t been on campus for any real amount of time since I was a student last in 2008 (four years ago? How? I swear it was just yesterday…) and it seems like the new hot weather statement look amongst sorority girls are big baggy tank tops with tiny little workout shorts so that it appears they aren’t even wearing shorts. It’s really quite strange and I’m sure all those herds of girls didn’t just come back from the gym at 2 p.m. Whatever works for them I guess. I just continued watching and sipping my HG brewed wheat beer. It was a respectable drink, tasted nice and wheat-y, went down smoothly. Would drink again.

Then came the star of the meal, the buuurger! This is a veggie burger with surprise cheese (waiter asks, “What type of cheese would you like on it?” “Surprise me, I like them all!”), and Waffle House style scattered hash browns on the side. It looks a tad plain from this angle but what you can’t see is a plethora of condiments hiding under the patty. There was what tasted like Dijon mustard, and mayo hanging out waiting to jump out and add to the flavor of the whole burger itself. This was a great creation that I’m glad I got to try. I hope they add it to their menu more regularly because you can never go wrong with more veggie options. Twp thumbs up, ya’ll.

Another great veggie option at HG is their tofu marsala. It does include mushrooms but EVEN I! EVEN I, hater of hater of mushrooms enjoyed it and actually ingested one of two covered in the delicious marsala sauce. I see a dinner trip back to HG in my future now that the thoughts of that tofu marsala are in my head. But back to this lunch trip before I veer off too much: Woody and I were there about an hour, sitting outside enjoying lunch and I didn’t realize it til much later after a shower, but this totally happened:

Yep, sunburned in March. I think it may be a new record, and also a great reminder to buy new sunscreen and apply daily.
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