Work is something I don’t often speak of in too much detail on here because a) it’s not that exciting, and b) I don’t want to get in trouble for writing about it on here because South Carolina is a right-to-work state (even though I took my First Amendment Law class in college from one of the top free speech lawyers in the South, if not the U.S., I don’t think I’d win) so it just don’t seem like a winning idea.

That being said, I am excited enough about new initiatives that were proposed in a staff meeting yesterday to improve staff morale and reduce disgruntledness about feeling as though we have to ask permission for every move we make (I also think the supervisor was so over being inundated with requests that she decided self-sufficiency was the key to her sanity). A four point plan is tentatively being put into effect starting this Friday, with kinks being ironed out along the way if needed.

  1. Jeans Friday– We are a business dress office (think church appropriate) but we will now be allowed to wear nice-looking denim on Fridays unless otherwise directed. This will be nice, and hopefully will foster a more relaxed environment at the end of the week.
  2. Comp time– If I worked overtime, I’d be able to take an equal amount of time off within the month as comp time, at my leisure. The only caveat is that you must make sure that your teammate will be present/they won’t need you during that time.
  3. Daily schedule freedom– Previously, if I needed to take a longer lunch for an appointment of any kind (example: I am meeting with my CPA tomorrow, and don’t know how much time I’ll need) I’d have to ask my supervisor for permission. It made everyone feel like we weren’t being treated like adults who would be responsible enough to make sure we weren’t creating a problem or who wouldn’t keep track of our own hours. But now, I can tell my teammates “Hey, I may be back up to half an hour later than normal, you cool with that?” and they’ll more than likely say, “Sure thing, I’ll cover the phone for you.” I believe this initiative will foster trust and accountability to one another amongst staff without forcing it.
  4. Compressed workweek! – I am the most excited about this one, clearly. The management came up with a schedule where half of the staff can be off every other Friday, and the remaining half of the staff can be off the following Friday. This schedule will be in effect from February-August, since our office gets ridiculously busy during the fourth quarter of the year. The mechanics of the compressed workweek are that we can pre-work up to 7.5 hours prior to our scheduled Friday off. If you work the 7.5 hours, hello three day weekend. If you work 4 hours prior to your scheduled Friday, hello half day. And of course, you can opt to not take the day off at all. Of course this means working through lunch hours, coming in early, or staying late, but to me it’ll be worth in it many ways.

This means 14 potential three-day weekends loom in my future! What does this mean for my life? Well, it means more day trips around South Carolina! More awesome lunches at places I normally can’t dine at during the week! More time in the sunshine! More fabulous content here because I’ll be able to experience a weekday things that I never would be able to before without taking time off (of which I now have a measly half day left!).

Do you have suggestions for places to go visit or eat on these fab Fridays?      My first one is Feb. 24th!

Does your company have employee happiness initiatives like this in place? If not, what do you wish would be done differently?