Not to jinx myself, but this meal planning thing is three weeks strong so far! Woo hoo! It really is becoming a Sunday ritual that I look forward to each week, to meal plan in the morning, get groceries early to mid-day, then spend the rest of the afternoon cooking and piddling around the house. It’s especially cozy on a drizzly, gray day like today.

Credit where credit is due: Pasta with broccoli is from the Moosewood Collective’s The Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health. Mexican rice is from the Homesick Texan, and the spicy pimento cheese recipe is a mashup of Bobby’s Pimento Cheese (for God’s sake do NOT use a cup of salt!) and Brad’s Spicy Pimento Cheese.

The rest are creations from my own brain, and I especially hope to get my French onion soup recipe on here this week here’s the French onion soup recipe! I have all of the photos from a prior time making it except the finished product, because guess who was too hungry for a photo op before the meal last time?!

Also, can I be a nerd and congratulate myself for guessing today’s grocery bill within two dollars? I guessed it would be $55, and it was $56 and some change. I think I need a life.