Usually I look at Mondays like everyone else does in that it is just another an obstacle to climb on my way to another weekend, but this Monday is different. It’s the beginning of a week full of really awesome things!

Monday- nothing really today. I plan on doing 5k on the treadmill right after work, including my warm up and cool down. The Get to the Green 5k is four Saturdays away and I’ve been indulging in the peacefulness of yoga more than the cardio surge of running.


Tuesday- I have an appointment to get something interesting done after work! Stay tuned to see if I end up doing it!

Wednesday- In the spirit of calmness and repentance on this Ash Wednesday (not that I am Catholic or a faithful churchgoer) I plan to go to yoga at Sun Spirit Yoga Wellness, a fantastic new studio in West Columbia. This might also be the day I make that deep dish pizza I was planning on for the week.

Thursday- Is currently plan-less but is usually dinner with the girls. We’ll see what happens.

Friday- This is what I am looking forward to the most! Friday is my first day off in our new abbreviated workweek, plus I am going to a knife skills class this evening through the Columbia Cooks! series put on by USC’s Cancer Prevention & Control Program. There aren’t many classes on the docket for the next month but bookmark that page and check back often because these classes are inexpensive and look informative! I’ll do a write-up of my experience next week!

Saturday- Starts out with an early eye appointment (what was I thinking?!), but it will quickly get better be

What are you doing that’s awesome this week? Or the next?