This past weekend was one of not really pushing myself full force through a laundry list of things to do, chores to accomplish, or food to cook. I took it easy, and balanced each task that I did do with a reward for myself. One such reward was lunch at Antai Asian Dining in Lexington, in the small but right fancy looking shopping center across from Target on 378. I was craving an Asian flavor and after browsing the plethora of vegetarian options they offer on their menu, I needed no convincing.

On this particular Saturday at lunch, it was empty when I went in. Then another table was seated shortly after I arrived. I don’t know why it was so quiet in there, but I definitely appreciated the peacefulness of the dining room. Speaking of the dining room, it’s decorated in a very simple but gorgeous manner.

I hadn’t eaten breakfast this morning, so a large lunch was in order. I started off with vegetarian dumplings for my appetizer, steamed at the suggestion of the server. I don’t know if I’ve ever had dumplings, but these were really good! Each little purse was full of vegetables, and the slightly spicy, dark brown dipping sauce was perfect. I downed five of the six before my main course arrived.

My main course was the vegetables Lo mein Taipei. Full disclosure: I was dead set on a carb-y dish because I had too much fun the night before at World of Beer, then at Flying Saucer. Oops. Anyways, the lo mein was excellently full of vegetables, not greasy in the least, and with thick, chewy noodles covered in that lo mein sauce that I love so.

Because I like to check out all that the Columbia metropolitan area has to offer my tastebuds, I don’t often go to the same restaurant twice, but believe me when I say that I will return here again and again to try all of their dishes. The food was amazing, the service was fantastic, and if you go at the right time you might see a really cute Chinese baby (and if you know me you know I rarely call babies anything but annoying). In fact, my server was telling me to avoid a certain other local Asian food chain because they use chicken powder to enhance the flavor of their fried rice- even the vegetable fried rice, making it a bad choice for vegetarians. Isn’t it nice when your server picks up on things like your preferences (dietary or otherwise) without your even having to mention it?

And the best part was the fortune inside my cookie was already true. Then I went to Target and promptly blew a hundred bucks on shampoos, face wipes, cleaning products and a new cardigan. Better make use of those lottery numbers on the back.

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