This week’s meal plan is pretty varied and also pretty easy. In fact, it’s easy enough to make most of these things that half of them got made this afternoon. And on that note, I think I overdid all of my chores today and underdid eating enough and relaxing because it’s almost time for bed and I have a monster headache.

Credit where credit is due: Masoor dal is a delicious repeat from the other week. They kerala spiced peas I found on Apartment Therapy. The spicy cream sauce is from Kelly at Foodie Fresh, except I am going to kick off the shrimp and add veggies in its place. The veggie loaded potato soup from Jenn at Peas and Crayons looked too good to not try! The biscuits and gravy, and the goat cheese peanut butter chocolate fudge will appear here as recipes later this week (if they don’t suck)! Jalepeno hummus is a twist on one of my favorites that Manda makes, except mine is miiiild.