I had an unspoken resolution to myself to “come out” to a certain someone about my blog sometime soon because January is the one year anniversary of my first blog post, and February is the anniversary of me buying my own domain name. Luckily, my work was done for me when this morning, that certain someone said, “So I found your blog.”

Well okay. Awesome. I explained my reasoning for not mentioning it before, which basically boiled down to, “You think that trolling is a good idea and I don’t want your evil non-friends doing that to me because I don’t have a thick enough skin for someone to troll me and my writing at this point in my life.” I think on the whole that trolling is wrong and is not something that should be treated like a hobby.He said that he liked it and it didn’t seem like anything worth trolling. Thanks, I guess? People know me man. Now it makes more sense when people say, “Oh you’re the April Blake?” Yeah, that one, that’s me.

Before I go off on a tangent, I took this opportunity to ask if I could use his name, etc. on here, since I’ve been keeping him anonymous for privacy reasons until he knew about this space because I don’t think it’s good protocol to talk about people on the intertubes when they don’t know about it. Who found my blog, you may still be thinking?

The Mr. April Blake, more commonly known as Patrick. He doesn’t often wield wrenches, but when he does, he wields them big.

I think this is going to be good, and now it won’t seem quite as weird to him when I have to photograph our food before eating it. And it should make more sense why I need Photoshop, and the big camera. Plus, now my hit count is guaranteed to be +1 every day, right?!