Today A week and a half ago I came across an awesome self project via Ashalah called 12changes12months that is pretty much begging me to do it (in my own head of course). The point of it is to “get a drastically different life without making any dramatic changes!” I like the concept a lot, and actually, it reminds me of The Happiness Project. So without further ado, here is (most) of my list. At the beginning of each month, I plan to recap the past month and also re-introduce the next month’s intention.

January– Don’t pre-spend my income. I have been pretty good about putting my Christmas bonus and Christmas cash straight into my bank account, and then some of it right into my credit cards instead of going ape-wild buying random junk because I feel like I have extra money. Today The day after New Year’s Day was a bit of a blow out, I went and bought a few pieces of clothes, a few decor things, and all of my groceries from Earth Fare to save myself the hassle of going into two stores. However, I consider that fair enough since I’ve been keeping on the straight and narrow even in the usually indulgent month of December. My change for this month is barely a change- I want to keep on being financially good to myself. I like to think of it as starting off slowly.

February– Be more loving. It’s Valentine’s Day month, and one of my best friends is getting married, so showing lots of love this month seems like a good fit. I don’t believe that everyone can (or should) be shown love by me, I am going to be more loving to those who deserve it. Reciprocating my love brings more love your way in the future, so it’s like an investment to the recipients. Isn’t that the most selfish thing you’ve ever heard? Haha.

March– Spring clean! Frankly, I’ve seen people feel more motivated to clean and pare down for the new year than they do to spring clean. Either way, I am going to get down with paring down to make way for new stuff in the coming months (see June!).

April– Dust and vacuum twice a week. Being that this is the month of allergy hell for me, I want to do as much as I can to keep it from being any worse. I can’t live in a bubble and I can’t cut down all of the trees, but keeping the air in my home clean will help a lot. This also includes keeping the dogs and cat washed and brushed since they probably drag in 3/4s of the allergens.

May– Spend lots of time walking Radar Love. It’ll be warmer, lighter for longer, and we have miles of natural perfection along the 3 Rivers Greenway within less than a mile of home. Not using it is practically committing a crime against yourself because you’re robbing yourself of what the city(ies) have done with your tax dollars! Think about it like that and I’ll see you there.

June– Make our house work for us. We’ll be gaining space back in the house beginning in June, and I am pretty pumped to finally rearrange our two living room spaces to make more sense. Since we bought this house, the “formal” living room has been where the dogs lounge all day. I want to create a library corner, with bookcases that have glass doors all the way up, to help with dustiness, an ottoman, and a side table for drinks. I’ll also (likely) move my computer desk set up out of the bedroom and into this room. My bedroom is the room I am the most indecisive about how it should look, but I’ve always wanted a relaxing spa-like room, with lots of natural textures and soothing colors. We’ll see where my mind takes me with that! I want to make our wood paneled TV room less utilitarian and decorate it more! It’s the first room that you come into upon entering the house and I want it to make a great impression. I see a trip or two to Ikea happening in June. Aaand that’s all I have to say about that… for now.

July– Get wet. I want to be immersed in water a lot this summer. At the lake, at the pool, maybe even at the beach. I didn’t swim and wakeboard nearly enough this past summer and with the bitter winds blowing now, I regret it so hard.

August– Well… I can’t even imagine eight months out. I suppose I will update this part farther into the year! It depends on where life takes me by then, really. I know there’ll be some big life changes, some good and some bad, but I feel like I would be setting myself up to fail if I go much further here!

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