After a long wait, World of Beer in the Vista has finally opened, occupying the space that was formerly Sly Fox, and formerly McDougall’s before that. I caught wind of their opening earlier this fall and followed their progress on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a new bar to frequent. And it’s only better when a new bar that seems to have a lot of promise opens within rock throwing distance of your two other favorite bars to make a wallet-killing, fun-explosion trifecta of good food, good booze, and memorable (or not so much) times. So with much gusto I rounded up a group of friends to go to the grand opening night on Wednesday.

I tried three whole new beers last night. First up was Rouge Yellow Snow, then Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat, Abita Purple Haze, and a sip of husb’s Westbrook White Thai (which I have had before). The Yellow Snow had a lot more of a spiciness (not hot, but spicy) than I like in my beers, so I finished half of it and gave it away to a friend. I needed something fruity and refreshing after that so Sam Adam came to the rescue. This beer was light and fun with a great cherry taste throughout the whole beer, and I definitely will have more of it in the future. Abita Purple Haze finished off my standard three beer night with a more neutral taste and lighter flavor. I’ve never had a Purple Haze, which after trying it is a big surprise. More of these will be consumed too. The sip of husb’s White Thai was a reminder to re-try out an entire one again soon. I had one when it first came out earlier this year and liked it, but didn’t love it. My beer palate has evolved since then so I want to try another whole one.

Do you ever worry that you’ll miss something because you were in the bathroom*? I do, and with good reason: because I almost missed them calling out my name as the winner of a World Beer Festival ticket! I played trivia on WOB’s Facebook page the week before their opening and it was worth it! I met the lady who is their social media mistress (why can’t I remember her name?! Oh yeah, I was drinking!) who said I was the biggest fan who was a girl on their page. Woot for recognition! And woot for finally getting to go to WBF!

*The only issue at WOB is that they only have one single-person bathroom for men and one for women! There was a line at the ladies so I ducked into the men’s room once a guy came out. No shame, but I just thought that was worth a mention so you can budget your bladder accordingly!

I really enjoyed it there, and the people working behind the bar seemed to really be enjoying themselves too. I’ll definitely be back to expand my beer horizons. Thanks again WOB for making me a winner winner beer for dinner! Anyone going to the World Beer Festival? I’ll be at the afternoon session, come play with me!