Two-ish weeks ago I was asked to go run a work errand that took me to Bush River Road right before lunch to pick up some things. It was a rainy day, and I was planning to go home for lunch to heat up some leftover what-have-you from the fridge, but I decided that since I would be out and about anyway to go somewhere on that side of town. As I was driving down the exit ramp, and coming up onto Bush River, I saw Punjaba Dhabi and knew that would be a perfectly warm and filling rainy day pick me up.

Their lunch buffet is about seven dollars, and worth every cent. I started with this plate of vegetable rice, then aloo beans to the right, and a potato and okra dish that I can’t remember the name of on the bottom. The potato concoction had a nice spicy kick that warmed my belly.

Next plate was white rice with (talak?) dal on top and a samosa on the side. I love their samosas, which are little pockets of mashed potato and spices wrapped in dough and fried. The dal was another spicier dish that propelled me through four glasses of water during lunch alone.

Unpictured but still eaten was two servings of mango pudding to round off the meal. If you’re an Indian food novice or even actually Indian yourself (sign of a good ethnic restaurant: lots of people of that culture eating there and scarfing it down!) you’ll enjoy the variety that Punjabi Dhaba has to offer. Vegetarian offerings are clearly marked, and the owners greet you like you’re exactly who they wanted to see that day. It’s a very warm environment with attentive service and lovely decor. It really brightened my rainy day to go there, and now that it’s yet another rainy day I’m craving the taste again.

If you go for dinner there is a larger selection of menu items to order, and don’t hesitate to ask what something is, they are more than happy to share their knowledge with you!

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