There’s something to be said for a night of forced couch-laying, TV watching, and cookie eating. I had to endure such an evening last night because I had to stay the night with my grandfather, and being that he has no Internet(!) I made the best of it and took the opportunity to just relax. I took a crocheting project that I haven’t touched in over a year to work on, a book, and a bag of cookies that my contractor-friend brought by the other day. Hooray for it being Wednesday because I watched ABC (how funny was Modern Family?!) until 10 p.m., then got sucked into the Discovery Health and watched a show about people that aged incredibly slowly.

This morning I felt really relaxed despite waking up throughout the night whenever my grandfather was stirring about the house. The change of pace was really refreshing and needed. I hope that the future nights I’ll end up staying over there will be as easy and calm. I’m going to keep up with the blogging and profiling the delicious and the different in the area, though maybe not as frequently for a while. Here are some things in the pipeline in the not-so-distant future:

  • Panjabi Dhaba lunch buffet review (spoiler alert- delicious!)
  • Prowling through a mid century modern store in West Columbia
  • The loveliest Christmas tradition in the Midlands
  • Recipe that includes beer and beans together