Here I am with one of my own, finally! Christmas Eve morning found me wanting for a few last minute presents for people that I really, truly couldn’t think of anything to get, so I woke up early and took a short ride down to the All Local Farmer’s Market at 711 Whaley Street. I needed to get something for my mother in law, father in law, my dad, and perhaps some little miscellanies. Donna of Floral & Hardy Farms whipped up this lovely Christmas-y bouquet for my mother in law (who recently opened up a thrift shop to get rid of the overabundance of things that the family has collected over the years, hence why I didn’t get her any more “stuff”). I put it in a nicer vase, tied a pretty bow on and called it a win. She loved it, and we are both hoping her cats wouldn’t try to love it too.

Next, I got my father in law, lover of all gourmet ingredients, a few random local foods to try out. This sugar free pear butter (he is diabetic) and fancy goat cheese were well received! I wish I’d kept them for myself, but luckily for me I can just go back any Wednesday or Saturday for more!

I knew what I was going to get for my chocoholic dad before I even got there thanks to a Facebook post by the market promoting one of their most delicious vendors, Evolution Through Chocolate. Once my dad opened this beautiful little tin, I tried to recite the different flavors as they were recited to me that morning, but I didn’t quite remember them all. I was cautioned that the one with the green sprinkles has real absinthe, and other flavors include figgy pudding, eggnog, and key lime pie, which is the one I tried when my dad offered one up. It was fantastic. Oh my God. I am absolutely without a doubt going to buy myself a smaller pack of these chocolates soon and keep them all to myself, without a shred of shame.

That concluded my gifting and market shenanigans, the next thing on my Christmas Eve Day agenda was whipping up a dessert and a grain salad for the late lunch/early dinner/gift opening extravaganza with my maternal side of the family, including my grandfather. I was going to test out my family by bringing a vegan grain salad that I’ve made before and loved from Oh She Glows. The dessert was this raspberry fudge mocha mousse trifle that my aunt saw in the Sunday paper one day when we were all together riffling through the ads. She tore it out and said, “Hey you need to make this for Thanksgiving.”

I didn’t make it for Thanksgiving, but this glorious beast made its way out of my kitchen for Christmas. It’s not the healthiest thing around, but it’s quite rich which keeps you from gorging on it. I lightened it up where I could, using more raspberries and less jam, using light Cool Whip, and not being so heavy handed with the drizzling on top. It was quite delicious and pretty fancy looking if I do say so myself!

Oh, yes. Don’t mind if I do creepily rise over the edge of the trifle dish as I pose with my dessert! Can you tell that I’m also wearing a sleeveless shirt comfortably? On Christmas Eve Day! I love South Carolina with a fierce passion, especially on such occasions.

That’s probably about enough for now, tomorrow will bring scenes from Christmas Day brinner, photos of my nice clean living room, and daydreamily gazing into what the year 2012 will bring.