One time I offered my husband some potato and leek soup and he said he didn’t want any because the word “leek” made it sound gross. What? I know, he’s weird. I ate the soup myself and continue to make things with leeks, especially this time of year because they are fantastic in soups. What I didn’t know then that I DO know now is how to properly clean a leek so that you don’t end up crunching sand bits in your soup. Tonight I made a little pictorial to illustrate a quick and easy way to clean and cut them so that no one else will ruin their soups with sandy leeks.

1. Lay leek down

2.Cut off green leaves

3.Cut lengthwise except the last inch (aka: don’t cut through the root on the white end)

4. Do a quarter turn and make the same cut again (basically you cut a plus sign into the leek)

5. Rinse with water, sand comes shooting out from the cut area

6. Squeeze the water out, chop chop chop

7. Now you have clean, cut leeks

I have a recipe that includes THESE VERY LEEKS coming soon, but what are some of your favorite leek recipes? Pleas leek them to me, even if they are family secrets?!