See that contraption on the right hand side of my dresser? It’s intended use is an an ornament hanger, but I co-opted it to become my necklace holder a few years and houses ago. It’s served me well, but lately with my small amount of dresser top space, it’s been more of an annoyance than a help. I decided to clear off what I could from the dresser and utilize the vertical space on the left wall by making a hanging necklace holder. I could have used any number of pre-made options, but I wanted to be able to fit as much in as possible, so a custom job seemed like the way to go.

I went to Lowe’s and got a board (I suck at knowing board sizes). This is a 1″ wide board that I got cut in-store down to 16″ in length to fit into the space without crowding the edges. I then picked up seven satin nickel cabinet pulls, and I went for the cheapies- I think these were about a buck fifty, because this is more function than form. They got spaced out approximately two inches apart on the board, including each edge. This was the first project I got to use our new drill on! My husband is the best- he got a fancee new drill even though he hates that I’m always drilling into something when he isn’t around.

Score for a nice, clean dresser! Having it less cluttered with stuff has really been helpful as far as keeping me from just dumping clothes and junk on it. The downside to less clutter on it means that the cat has re-discovered that my fish tank is still up there with the beta fish I’ve had since we bought the house in 2009! We call him Lazarus since he rose from what I thought was the dead once after the cat knocked the tank off while I was at work, and he’s still kicking it in there!

This is just a little DIY, but I am a huge fan and am now wondering why it took me so long to do it. This is one of my favorite corners in my room, and my next step for fancifying it up is to get some varying height candle holders for those yellow globes sitting there.

What have you been doing in your home lately? Seems like everyone I know is into a big fall cleaning frenzy this year!