Thursday was a pretty nice day. A lot of coworkers were out of the office, so it was much less stressful than the beginning of the week and I got a lot done. It was gray and overcast, and I was really able to appreciate the fiery autumn colors from my work window. Isn’t this beautiful?

I then bid my coworkers a good weekend since I had Friday off, and went to the gym for  new Pilates class that started recently. I hadn’t done Pilates since high school, and I honestly forgot what sort of moves were involved. I knew it was core-centric, but this wasn’t really like the Pilates I vaguely remember from eight or nine years ago. It was okay, I don’t know if I’ll return to it regularly but it did inspire my upcoming post for my weekly article in the Columbia Sun News (spoiler alert: it’s about picking the right group exercise classes!). But before the class, I got a text from Kara that our newly sworn-in lawyer friend was in town unexpectedly (to us)! So at least during the Pilates moves that were starting to make me miserable I got to be excited about my first trip to the Mediterranean Tea Room!

It was a little over halfway full for dinnertime on a random Thursday night but we found a table for four immediately and sat down. Let me go ahead and say that the few photos I took are terrible because of the dim lighting in there. Great for the mood, a killer for awesome food pics. We ordered a Fresh Buffalo Mozzerella with extra pita an an appetizer. I think we all ate it differently, from eating the cheese, then a tomato with basil leaves on top, eating it all in one fell swoop, or like I did and stuffed all three items into a pita wedge and crammed it into my mouth.

Our food came out pretty quickly afterwards and we had to juggle around our tons of dishes from the appetizers on our small tabletop before the food could be set down. I got the Falafel platter with five falafels, hummus, and a falaheen salad. The falafels were delicious- crunchy, well seasoned, proteiny. It did need something to dip in, perhaps a nice tzaziki sauce or plain yogurt, which I could have asked for but didn’t because I was hungry and didn’t want to wait another second! The hummus was good, if not a bit bland. The falaheen salad confused me. The menu described it as ” finely chopped fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, green onions and parsley, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice. served with pita bread.” However, it was not finely chopped. Those chunks were pretty sizable! I am not the biggest raw tomato fan so I figured that everything would be chopped so small that the tomatoes would blend in, but not so much. That’s my only slight disappointment with the Tea Room. You can see in the photo below.

I tried to take a picture of Kara’s heart shaped chicken, but my camera just was not having any of this lighting, but here’s what I came back with:

Overall, I like the Tea Room and will definitely return to try some of their other dishes, specifically the vegetarian platter (no surprise there, right?), their version and spelling of mijadarah, and ALL of the desserts! They have a great selection of vegetarian options, a friendly staff, and a lovely Devine Street location.

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