Did Part 1 of my SBS shopping spree wear you out? Me too, which is why I stopped for a rest and cuppa joe at Jamestown Coffee Company in Lexington. I got the Wake Up Latte which has brown sugar, cinnamon and Mayan chocolate spices, and planned the rest of my day. That latte was fantastic. I mean it was GOOD. Their coffee drinks always are, and whenever I am out towards that part of Lexington I usually stop in for one as a treat, because they really are. Ask about their special flavors going on whatever time of year you stop in, because they always have really creative stuff. One of my favorites is the Griffyndor (spell??), an obviously Harry Potter themed drink that is flavored with raspberry and caramel syrups. Absolutely delicious.

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After this I had to go home to dump off my food from 14 Carrot and took a short break from shopping to work on a super awesome project that I am excited to blog about soon! It involved paint, electrical work, and greasy fingers so after that macho feeling from doing “man work” I took off for the frivolous part of my day- buying some new makeup at Pout!

I’ve been in need of new eyeshadow for a while, and also another type of primer to keep it from creasing. Something is weird with my eye shape apparently, and none of the myriad of other eyeshadow primers I’ve ever tried have worked. So the lady helping me at Pout recommended the Nars eyelid primer, and I found a nice Stila pinkish eyeshadow trio to try out because I’ve heard their products are fantastic. I also scouted out for some Christmas treats for myself for later.

After all of that excitement, I came home to relax only to find out we were having a couple of friends over for deer stew that the husband was making. Then we went out and patronized some more local businesses (though I was a little too… excited to notice/care). All in all, it was great to have a reminder that the small businesses are the real flavor of our economy, and they keep our lives and community going and worth living in. Shop small, shop local as often as possible, not just when American Express is promoting it as a big event!