Today was a day earmarked to spend a little money on things that I need and also on a few that I didn’t really need, but it all had to be from local places. First order of business was breakfast, even if I was eating it at 11:30 a.m. and the Original Brunches was sounding like an excellent idea.

I had one of my favorite weekend breakfasts- hashbrowns with onions, cheese, and a sunnyside egg plopped right on top. I took a photo with my phone since I was sitting at the bar and the place was pretty full. Even though the Original Brunches is much farther from my house than the first location (now called Just Us Cafe) it still has that friendly neighborhood feel where you can and probably will run into someone you know there. The food is ungreasy, inexpensive, and filling. I equate it to a Waffle House, but just better. Better food, service, and without the assumption that you must be drunk to be there (like Waffle House), and an extensive breakfast menu.

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Next I went out to Lexington to my favorite local health food store, 14 Carrot to pick up some goodies. On the list were cannelli beans, black beans, and vegetarian chili mix from the bulk aisle.

Did you know they also have a bulk herb and spice aisle? Yes ma’am, they do. Because who can really go through a canister of cayenne pepper from the grocery store before it loses it potency? And why would you pay upward of $5 a plastic jar when you could just get what you need for much less?

They have so many different things, herbs you’d never think you need, and spices that you pass by in specialty cookbooks because you have no idea where to find dried rose hips or juniper berries.

Also, the weekend after Thanksgiving is THE time to get a faux turkey or roast to try out, since they are on sale! I got the Tofurky brand “giblet” gravy to try out on mashed potatoes. A review shall be forthcoming.

Next was a stop at another one of my Lexington favorites, Jamestown Coffee Company. Part 2 forthcoming