Last Sunday I went to the Beth Shalom Synagogue here in Columbia to try Jewish food at an event called Bubble’s Brisket and Bakery. I haven’t had much in the way of traditional Jewish food and I’ve always wanted to try the real thing. Visions of kugel, latkes, and challah were dancing in my head (those are the only foods I could envision before we got there!) and we were starved by the time we arrived. Admission was free and tickets for food cost a dollar apiece. The social hall at the temple was packed!

Surprisingly there were plenty of vegetarian options. At the top of the photo is a bowl of apple kugel. The takeout plate has Israeli salad, falafel, an amazing roll, baba ganoush, and pita chips. They were all very good, and in fact this is the first baba ganoush I’ve ever liked. It wasn’t stringy or mushy.

I kept wavering as to whether or not I wanted to get challah, but we ended up taking a loaf home. Good thing too, because this bread is fabulous. I’ve been heating it up by the slice in the microwave and drizzling a little honey on top. Ohhm.

Everyone at the temple was so nice and willing to tell us all about the food that was on the table they were serving from. I believe this or another temple in the area has a big food festival called the Big Nosh, and I am keeping my eyes on the calendar so I won’t miss that one! Traditional Jewish food is delicious, filling, and full of great flavors. I can’t wait to try other traditional dishes, and it was great to see the foods of less familiar to me cultures and religions.