If you’ve seen my food posts on here, you’ve seen my atrocious yellow Formica and knotty pine cabinet and walled kitchen monstrosity. I’m trying to do what I can now to make it less horrifying looking while we are saving to update it all at once (not going so well, by the way) so in the meantime when I see and am able to tackle these little things, I go for it. And by when I am able I absolutely mean “when the husband is out of the house and can’t accuse me of painting everything that doesn’t move.” So I took this rare opportunity to add a little brightness to the area behind the stove when he went out to the Art Bar on Friday night.

I started with this area behind the stove. It’s just unpainted, uncovered particle board. Bleh.

I wiped away the dust bunnies and dog hair wads from the wall, and wiped away any splatter that may have landed back there to prep the area for two coats of white primer. I taped off the edges because I don’t have that steady of a hand and put on two thin layers, waiting for it to dry in between coats.

I didn’t see the need to fully paint the area where the stove would be covering it anyway, not to mention that the large board directly behind the stove is a little loose. Once it dried, I shoved everything back into place, reinstalled the switch plates, and called it a night!

Doesn’t that look so much better now? I have been reading tutorials about painting Formica and am contemplating whitewashing the backsplash Formica that covers the area behind the counters throughout the rest of the kitchen. It’ll make it brighter and better for photos, but then again, it’ll make it that more obvious that the counters are that awful yellow color. I’d have to do it on a rare day with incredibly low humidity, which would definitely factor into the when/ifs of doing that.

Fess up time- who else waits to do small home improvement projects until you’re alone and then waits to see how long it takes for your fellow housemates/spouse to notice? Mine still hasn’t noticed/mentioned anything about this paint job, great success!