MMM I love risotto (can’t you tell?) I’ve got a Ball jar full of Arborio rice, ready at the helm nearly all of the time. I had never had risotto until a few years ago when friend Emily made it in an attempt to find something vegetarian to serve me for dinner. You know, I planned my vegetarianism 15 years in advance to force her to be creative when cooking for me. It’s working well so far for both of us, right? I love getting new recipe inspiration from my friends. Anyways, I decided to use some of the bell pepper bounty that I had to make my favorite roasted bell pepper risotto, but I realized after the grains were already toasting in the pan that I had no Parmesan cheese. None. I did however, have a fat log of goat cheese from a Sam’s Club excursion this weekend.

The risotto gets prepared exactly as usual (see my original Roasted Bell Pepper Risotto recipe here), except instead of stirring in Parmesan cheese, put in a hunk of goat cheese. I think I used about four ounces. One difference is that I felt like it needed a good bit more salt than a recipe that uses Parmesan cheese calls for because Parm is such a salty cheese on its own, whereas goat is much more mild. Add more salt to your personal taste.

And I finished it with a sprinkling of parsley to fancy it up for the glamour shot:

I’m a fan of the creamy, slightly tangy texture that the goat cheese added to the dish. It’s a great substitute for Parmesan, and also a much lower fat alternative!

To mix it up for lunch today (and to get in more veggies!), I added about half a cup of frozen peas to the Tupperware container, vented the lid and heated it up for three minutes. DELICIOUS.