As a “healthy living blogger” I feel compelled to indulge in all sorts of weird totally unhealthy things when I come across them. Sometimes I seek them out. And sometimes my friends know I like to try this weird stuff, and that’s why they are awesome enough to yell, “LOOK FRIED KOOL AID!” when we were walking around the South Carolina State Fair this past Saturday after the Styx concert (yes, STYX! Live, for ten dollars!).

Lo and behold, there it was. Or should I say, “OH YEAH!”?

This stand had all sorts of deep fried dough, but we were on this mission. Now that I see this photo, I can tell that it was fruit punch flavored.

Now what does deep fried Kool Aid look like? “How can they fry this liquid?” you might be asking youself. Well, they mix a very concentrated amount of Kool Aid into dough, shape it into balls and drop it in the fryer. Then they roll it around in sugar too, of course. Then you get these balls of glory (that’s what she said):

Not too appetizing from that view, but here’s a very blurry shot of its florescent pink insides:

They were not too bad, I have to admit. I wouldn’t eat more than one or one and a half at a time though. A whole order of them (4 per basket) would be overkill, literally. It would kill you, but in the name of annual fairtime fun, I like to find the latest fried oddities. Let me redeem my healthy living blogger title by letting everyone know that I did draw the line at deep fried butter. Has anyone tried deep fried butter? Come out of the closet, we want to know how it stacks up!