Repetition leads to recognition. I recognized that I finally needed to go have dinner at @116 State Street after being teased with their dinner specials one too many times via Facebook, and tagging my husband in posts that went along the lines of, “MMM LET’S GO HERE IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER.” I knew it would be amazing based on how much we love their Sunday brunch (tri color hashbrowns with a sunnyside up egg for the win, just FYI).

Finally, oh happy day, we went Friday night so that I could pound down carbs before my 5k. I spared myself no luxury on this dinner (except booze) and ordered an appetizer, entree and dessert. The appetizer was a warm goat cheese dip served with pita triangles. Husband picked at it, despite his well documented love of goat cheese, and when he stopped putting it in his mouth to chat with a friend that had walked up to our table, I went in and polished it off. You snooze, you lose when it comes to food around me.

Next up was my entree of artichoke ravioli. It came with a few olives that I quickly tossed aside, and was covered in a chunky red sauce with capers. Capers are delicious little balls of vinegary saltiness. Please excuse the poor lighting, we were outside at dusk, and the street lamp cast an odd glow on it. I devoured this ravioli. It was very good, and I like to think that it’s healthier than if it was filled with straight up cheese.

While I was concentrating so hard on this entree, I bid the husband adieu because he decided that he wanted to go see the show a few yards down at the New Brookland Tavern so I chatted with the couple beside me since the woman was also running the same race I was the next day, and I also ordered key lime pie to round out the meal. The pie was so good I didn’t even care about taking a photo, plus the lighting would have done it no justice anyways. Order their key lime pie. It finished filling me up, and I was so stuffed after this meal that I came home, set the alarm clock and coffeepot and conked out by 10 p.m. Can’t ask for a better pre-race night, and if this is any indication, you can’t go wrong with @116 State as a dinner choice as well as a great brunch choice!

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