For years I’ve been wanting to go see the SC Pride parade but there was always something stopping me- either work, forgetfulness or a prior commitment, but this year I was reminded early by the flags on Gervais Street that caught my eye when I went to Peace Love & Rocky Roast on the day of their grand opening.

So I made the plan, recruited friends to go with me, boldly wore a garnet sequinned top in the bright light of day, and we got to the Vista way too early. We relaxed outside of the Wild Hare with Starbucks drinks (and of course I checked in on Facebook because so many of my friends check into the Hare nearly daily, so it was funny to me that I was there at 10:30 in the morning). Then realizing that we had til noon for the parade, we walked over the to Flying Saucer for lunch, or breakfast in my case since it was nearby, has pretty good food and also an outdoor porch since we brought the dogs along for the ride.

Creepin for her supper

We got up to the corner of Gervais and Park just in time to see the parade starting! I had my hands full with that unruly dog, so luckily my awesome friend Jessica took my camera and got all of these great shots! Thank you Jessica!

Miss Gay Pride South Carolina

Mr. Shorty’s Tattoo Emporium

Columbia Police Department

Love Wins

PT’s 1109

UU church kid- he was adorable!

The paraders on this float were complimenting my top!

Gay pride supporters of all species!

I enjoyed the whole morning even though it started to get a little hot by noon. Everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves too! There were lots of smiling faces and a great energy in the air. Of course closer to the State House were the angry Bible beating jerks, but we chose to stay far away from their hatred and intolerance because the parade organizers were asking people not to engage with them because that only brings attention to the protesters. Ignoring them seemed to be the best way to enjoy the lineup and see all of the great support that Columbia has for its GLBT community! There are still more events going on today and tonight, the calender of events is available here.

Happy pride day!