We just returned from a great but very warm Viva La Vista, Columbia’s finest food festival! There were (and still are until 6 p.m. today!) a lot of delicious foods, beer, and great music. The crowds aren’t overwhelming, and parking wasn’t more than a quick five blocks from the action.

Crowd view from the porch at the Wild Hare

I didn’t get photos of everything I ate, but I tried stuff from a lot of places I hadn’t been to before, and some that I have (but not for the food, for the booze!). In addition to what’s pictured below I had:

Cupcake’s set up

Salted caramel chocolate mini cupcake from Cupcake

W.P Rawl Farms collard dip & pita chips from Blue Marlin. Husb ate most of this.

Didn’t have a hot dog, but love this costume promoting the fair!

Spent my last token on a take home treat from Cromer’s!

There’s still time to get down to the Vista if you read this quick enough, and maybe it’ll be a bit cooler by then. If not, then take time to check out these awesome restaurants and their full menus in their leisure time. I love the Vista and make it a point to frequent their bars, restaurants and shops as often as I can. Viva la Vista!