In case it isn’t obvious, it got COLD in Columbia recently. COLD. I don’t even want to hear anything about it being fall and fall is so glorious. When the temps go from 90s to 60s in a day, it’s enough to squirm about. And with Friday being the first chilly day I needed to warm up at lunch while out running some work errands towards the Harbison area and was craving Thai food (yet again), so a stop at Thai Lotus was in order.

I requested a seat far away from blowing fans and also a pot of hot tea. Usually I am not one that can just drink hot beverages without letting it cool down just a tad for the sake of not scorching off my tastebuds, but today the hot tea went down so smoothly with no burning. Even though it wasn’t really that cold outside, compared to the high 90 degree temperatures of the week before, it was cold to my unadjusted body. I know that in a month or so we will all be glad for the high to even be 60 degrees, but for the meantime, Mother Nature needs to ease us into it.

I quickly chose to get the garlic stir fry with tofu, since time wasn’t a luxury I had to afford that day, and was brought a spring roll, Tom Yum soup with tofu, and then the stir fry in succession. I should have read the description of the Tom Yum soup but didn’t for some reason, and it was full of my food nemesis: mushrooms. Lesson of the day- read the menu before ordering something on a whim. However, I tried it, decided it wasn’t for me and waited for the main course. Nothing against Thai Lotus, that just wasn’t the soup for me.

The garlic stir fry was great. It’s called something else on the menu that I can’t recall right now, but garlic stir fry is what it is. The tofu was crisped up really nicely, the vegetables were fresh and bright, and the garlic sauce was delicious. I was definitely able to fend off vampires with no effort at all for a few hours after lunch!

The tea pot became empty somehow, and I couldn’t believe I’d drained the entire thing in such a short amount of time, but again- cold. I was just cold, relatively, but thanks to the tea and the hot lunch I was ready to go complete the work errands for the day. Errands aren’t so bad when you get the chance to go have lunch in a different part of town thanks to being the office gofer.

As far as Thai food in Columbia goes, if I am in the St. Andrews area of town, I’ll go to Thai Lotus, but I wouldn’t necessarily drive from the far corners of town for it. There was a grand re-opening on Friday, Sept. 16th with a new menu that includes American cuisine, presumably for the lounge area where you can watch sports and enjoy happy hour and daily drink and beer specials. Never thought about catching the game at a Thai place? Thai Lotus wants you to think about it.


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