Don’t leave us summertime, I haven’t had the maximum amount of fun possible yet! It might be Labor Day weekend, but here in the South we’ll get a few more weeks of summerish weather so that we can end the season with our favorite activities before getting into that crispness of fall, then the rush of the holidays before settling on the long doldrums of winter. Can you tell that I just love cold weather? #not

My summer bucket list includes:

  • Wakeboarding. I haven’t gone at ALL this year, which makes me so sad and confused. We used to go all of the time, but life changes and then you look back on the good ole days. However, I have to do it at least once this year. And that will be this weekend.
  • Lazing in the pool for most of the afternoon with cans of beer and a ring float.
  • Grill out with friends and eat under the carport.
  • Plant some grass seeds so that we don’t have huge gaping holes in our lawn when spring rolls back around.
  • Sit and have a cigar and drink whiskey with my friend on his dock on Lake Murray. In fact, I might just do that tonight.

And just so I don’t feel too down about losing summertime and the easy livin’, here’s a quick list of fall plans that I would like to tackle:

  • Day trip to Greenville to visit their downtown and to tour Thomas Creek Brewery.
  • Take a weekend trip to Asheville with the husband when the leaves are changing.                (photo source here)
  • Run my first 5k.
  • Build a new desk (with help, of course).
  • Celebrate my grandfather’s 80th(!) birthday! My mom’s side of the family tends to have genetics that rage on forever, my grandfather has three sisters remaining that are older than him and in pretty decent health considering, so I seriously don’t doubt we’ll be celebrating his 100th in 20 years when I am in my mid forties. Jesus, did I just say that I’ll be middle aged one day? AHH!
  • Tear down the sorry excuse for a flowerbed in the front yard and replacing it with something more low maintenance that will be less weed prone (thanks to weed blocking fabric).

Hey, now that doesn’t make fall look so bad after all!

What’s your favorite season and what is your favorite fall activity?