My husband and I have very opposing viewpoints on what a delicious meal is, but sometimes he is just spot on and we can both enjoy it, as is the case with the hot dogs he insisted that I had to try Wednesday night from Kc Hotdogs, a mobile hot dog cart that can usually be located on the sidewalk outside of Art Bar on Wednesday nights, as well as their usual daytime location at the corner of Main and Washington.

Of course, being a vegetarian it might be weird for me to be writing about hot dogs of all things, but Kc’s is awesome enough to have veggie dogs as a menu staple! I am not the biggest fan of veggie dogs in general, but this weenie man has the magic touch that makes these Smart Dogs taste oh so good. The glory in this dog cart is all in the toppings. There are more toppings than you might think to put on a hot dog available here, and I tried two combinations last night. I made it a point to be the first in line with a vodka Sprite in one hand and the hard-earned twenty I was able to talk out of the husb in the other.

I started with a Trailer Trash Dog, which is melted nacho cheese, shoestring potato chips and ketchup. And it was good. I like the crunchiness of the potato sticks, which I would have never thought to add to a hot dog. And the cheese of course, was delicious in it’s yellow gooey glory.

Then I overheard what husband was having and all of a sudden… I was hungry for more. I jumped in on the order and asked for what that guy was having, in a veggie version. That guy was having a dog with caramelized onions on the bottom, nacho cheese, and potato sticks on top, with a squirt of sirracha sauce. I nixed the sirracha, but the That Guy (as we are now campaigning to have it listed on the menu!) was GOOD. I preferred it so much that I didn’t even want to take a photo of it (that, and I was on my next drink on a less than full stomach at that point, put two and two together…). That guy knows how to top a weiner. And so does this guy:

Friend him on Facebook. Find him, eat one of his hot dogs (thank him for serving veggie dogs!). And tell him that guy sentcha.