Every turn of the season (and I am talking fashion-wise here, so I mean spring and fall) I start getting antsy about clothes. It’s generally been at least six months since I’ve seen the clothes I wore last season, and I am always sure I’ll hate most everything in the under-bed box where my off season clothes are stored. And shoes! I seriously have to shoe shop soon because I’ve worn through three pairs of my mainstay winter shoes last time the temps were frigid. Then I start fretting about how I’ll have to change my skincare routine when the humidity goes up or down, because it can be brutal in the South, ya’ll.

And with that being said, the cooler weather is starting to move in, and on top of that I am running out of essential beauty supplies and it’s making me start to wonder how I can simplify that area of my life even more. I already am a student of convenience when it comes to my “beauty routine.” It truly depends on how much I’ve piddled around that morning as to whether I put on mascara, eyeshadow, concealer, moisturizer, or just some or even none of the above sometimes (damn you Twitter!)!

Some days I want to toss out most of my makeup, go get a color consultation at a nice place and start all over again! Then I stop by Ulta and realize that an eyeshadow palette like I want will be at least forty dollars and I leave empty handed. Of course, that eyeshadow palette will last me well over a year, but the initial investment is daunting. What if it sucks just like the stuff I got from Target for a fraction of the price? What if it ends up like my wedding makeup, sitting in my Caboodle (oh yes, I have one!) because I can’t bring myself to open three separate shadow colors in the morning? It’s definitely a #firstworldproblems situation, but it’s a real one since I am a lady in a semi-public workplace who needs to look professional. And professional means makeup, taming my not-Jewish-but-looks-like-a-Jewfro-anyway hair frizz, and trying to brush off as much brown dog hair off of my black pants as possible on a daily basis.

Don’t even get me started on clothes or shoes. I prefer to buy clothes on sale, at the end of the season, so I always have great new summery stuff… at the end of summer. And vice versa with winter. Shoes are another big gripe. Why do all of the medium to low heel dress shoes for women look ugly as sin? They are almost all old lady librarian shoes! What’s a non-librarian, non-rich, just wants getting dressed in the morning easy, tries to be classy lady like myself to do with all of these obstacles in the way of just looking fairly nice?

(Photo source: shoes.com)

┬áLadies, give me some advice here: how do you simplify your lady routine so that mornings aren’t a flingfest of cosmetics, smudges, VPL, ugly shoes and pet hair covered pants?

What are your favorite go to places for awesome shoes and business wear?